Logging in and Account Security

Tips for successful login.

1. Ensure your computer is connected to the Institute's LAN, whether there is internet connectivity or not.

2. Ensure your computer has the ABN Unisol software installed correctly by ICT Service Support Personnell.

3. Ensure you have a username which you were assigned by the System Administrators.

4. When typing the password, check that your Caps Lock is not on or off at the appropriate time since the passwords are case sensitive while the username is not.

5. Type your username and password and click Log in to complete the login process.

6. If you have forgotten your password, contact the ICT Services by raising a support ticket indicating clearly the problem.

7. Once you have received your new password ensure you memorize it but do not under any circumstance write it down.

8. If you are unable to log in using your normal password notify ICT Services personnel immediately for assistance in changing it.


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